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Love… Love… Love… Valentine’s Day Live Updates

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

It would be ideal if all the 365 days of the year were celebrated as Valentine’s Days… Each day would be more colourful and each human being would be more humane.

Since we can’t afford to celebrate all days as V-Days, let us celebrate the appointed February 14 with more passion.

Love is already in the air and, as it appears, this year’s Valentine’s Day is going to be different. Our live  coverage here brings you all special events, news and oddities which make this Valentine’s Day unique.

Find out what makes this V-Day a special one:

Let’s begin on a mathematical note…. Surprise you loved ones with some numbers and equations. A new Google trick has emerged a few days before the Valentine’s Day that will allow romantic math geeks to offer a heart made of numbers and equations to their beloved. Google This for a Mathematical Surprise!

V-Day celebrations have already started in different parts of the world. Check out some of the latest pictures.

Nobody is asking you to read a book at this romantic hour… But there is no harm in knowing the titles of the Top 10 Most Romantic Books.


My love is like a red red rose…. Wonder which flower you should present to your loved one?  We don’t have many suggestions…. Here are nature’s 10 true gifts for your beloved.

There is no point in discussing platonic love on Valentine’s Day…. You are determined to go beyond…. But what worries you? Here are five tips to master the Art of Seduction.

What about giving a truly romantic setting to your most private moments? Here is our pick of the Top 10 Most Romantic Hotels in Europe.

Will it be a truly romantic V-Day for Kate Middleton and Prince William? The Duchess’s plan might inspire you.

Want to know the secret of lasting love? Ask these  elderly couple… They are happy to help you…The secret of the oldest married couple…