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Valentine’s Day: What the Lovers are up to?

Valentine's Day, loversBy Salil Jose

A sweet lady sitting near me came to office wearing a sari and I asked, “Is it a Valentine’s Day special?”

“No. Today is my wedding anniversary,” she replied.

“No V-Day celebrations?” I asked.

“No. Who will celebrate the Valentine’s Day after marriage?” she said.

It may not be a special day for married people, but it definitely means something to many youngsters and the celebrations started weeks before the appointed date.

Let’s check out what all can keep the lovers busy today.

Let’s start with gifts… Are you still confused about the gift for your loved one? Don’t worry. Here is a list of the most romantic gifts which will make your loved one feel special on this Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day is going to be unique one. Not convinced? Find out why.

Hey, a colleague just came and told me that Poonam Pandey is restless on Valentine’s Day.

Poonam, the model who wanted to strip to honor the Indian cricketers, says she won’t wear the sari on V-Day: “TweeeeetHearts!!! Whtz rong why u all want me to wear a Saree… Not Possible …. its Valentiens Day!!

Hasn’t she heard what sages have said about the sari? They feel the sari  is the most revealing dress. Maybe, most suitable for Lovers’ Day.  

If you think I am not updating the post in time….Let me tell you I am multitasking…. Who will free me from other work?

I am wondering – V-Day should have been a holiday….. It would have helped me update it in time and it would have made thousands and thousands of lovers happy.

Do you think the Valentine’s Day should be a holiday? Feel free to comment. 

The V-Day is incomplete without a love song. Let it be the Top 10 Most Romantic Songs…..

Love is not an animal instinct…But animals do can love. Here are some cute moments of animals and birds captured on Lens

When it comes to love, even Google can’t help it. Check out the latest Google Doodle. 

Moghul emperor Babur’s birth anniversary has played spoilsport to lovers in Uzbekistan. The country has canceled Valentine’s Day.

My colleague Kukil Bora took the following photos to cheer up all the lovers.  Thanks Kukil!

What is holding you back? Feeling guilty? Love is nothing to feel guilty about. In fact, this psychologist has gone to the extent of saying that lust and other deadly sins are good for you.

Well, if lust is nothing to feel guilty about, there is no harm in learning the Art of Seduction.